For the protection from possible transmission of the COVID-19 virus, anyone who exhibits
symptoms or has been in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 within the
last two weeks, cannot enter the competition grounds. Participants must assume responsibility for
themselves and their staff. An infrared thermometer will be available on site to test anyone that
does not feel well.
 Entries are Limited to 400 per week and there will be partitions in the aisle between barns.
 Social distancing should be observed at all times. This includes spectating, whether standing
or sitting.
 Face covering requested and strongly encouraged, but required if you are within 6’ of
another individual. Mounted riders may ride and/or compete in the ring with or without the
mask. The use of gloves is recommended.
 Communication with the show office should be done electronically as much as possible.
o Entries can be submitted at or scanned and emailed to Kelly at
o Every person coming onto the show grounds must submit the NEW Waiver and Release
form which is available on Electronic submission is preferred.
 You will be given a wrist band once the waiver is signed. You must have a wrist
band in order to be allowed on the show grounds.
o All entries must sign and submit a NEW Entry Agreement which is available on Electronic submission is preferred.
o Text or email stall counts, shaving, hay & feed orders as well as RV needs.
 We will be using the GSWEC app. (Search “Pin Oak” in the iTunes or Google Play stores.)
Use this to keep apprised of ring schedules and other notifications.
 The show grounds will have only one entrance/exit available with 24-hour security in order
to monitor and control attendance. A security guard will be at the entrance checking IDs.
o Trainers/participants need to provide complete information for people attending the
show from your barn.
o Attendance should be limited to essential persons only. Trainers, riders, grooms, owners,
competition staff and ONE family member of a junior rider should be the only people on
the show grounds.
 NO chairs/seating areas allowed at the end of barn aisles. Only people affiliated with a barn
should be in the barn aisle.
 Trainers will be held responsible for their barns and ensuring that those affiliated with their
barns adhere to the rules. Please discuss with everyone the importance of following these
guidelines and using common sense regarding this situation.
 Schooling prior to the start of the show:
o Limit 5 horses/riders plus trainer/ground assistance in the rings at a time.
o Each session will be monitored and last no longer than 10 minutes.
 Schooling Area guidelines: (These guidelines may be adjusted/enforced by show
o Limit 2 horses schooling per jump.
o Limit 2 people on ground per jump.